High Availability (HA) Computing has long been played a critical role in industry mission critical applications. On the other hand, High Performance Computing (HPC) has equally been a significant enabler to the R&D community for their scientific discoveries. With combination of HA and HPC, together will clearly lead to even more benefits to both industry, academic and research entities.

HA-OSCAR "High Availability Open Source Cluster Application Resources" is an open source project aims to provide a combined power of High Availability and Performance Computing solution. Our goal is to enhance a Beowulf cluster system for mission critical grade applications. To achieve high availability, component redundancy is adopted in HA OSCAR cluster to eliminate this single point of failure. HA-OSCAR incorporates a self-healing mechanism; failure detection & recovery, automatic failover and fail-back.

The HA-OSCAR project is hosted by CEnIT.Latech.edu
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